C_TFIN22_67 certification – Mgmt Accounting SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7

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C_TFIN22_67 certification – Mgmt Accounting SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 certification exam is great proof that the candidate has the needed and essential understanding and verified skills in SAP ERP Management Accounting.


The C_TFIN22_67 exam confirms that the candidate has a reasonable general knowledge within this advisor profile . And can execute this understanding practically in assignments under the direction of a professional advisor.


Although not obligatory, this C_TFIN22_67 pdf exam certificate is the perfect prerequisite for the credentials to SAP Certified Professional in Management Accounting.


Also C_TFIN22_67 questions exam is suggested as an entry-level credential to familiarize advisers with Management Accounting projects.





C_TFIN22_67 certification - Mgmt Accounting SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7






Please see below the complete list of topics contained within the C_TFIN22_67 dumps – Mgmt Accounting SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 :


The application includes a list of topics :

. We take zero responsibility for their availability or accuracy. The team will also provide regular updates on the status of theexams‘ content (topics, dump, pdf, documents.)



Cost Center Accounting> 12%

Express, build and configure price centers, price center rankings and price center companies. Select use of Cost Center Accounting and kind of planning option, cost center accounting exercise classes, price center features and also details, planning needs. Schedule allocations necessities and actual allocations for cost centers. Configure time end closing for CCA with C_TFIN22_67 certification.

Internal Orders> 12%

Differentiate between demand category and demand type. Determine project data, responsibilities and essential needs for internal demands and decide period-end closing movements. Describe, design and also configure internal demands and develop a concept for internal order analysis, and customize interior order analysis, choose payment rules and configure period-end closing for IOA.



Product Cost Planning> 12%

Select and configure development expense planning, determine interface from CO-PCP (Product Cost Planning) to CO-PA (Profitability Analysis) and also commanding performances for alternative costings. Select cost details structure, cost segment structure, planning conditions, commanding variants and multi-level costings, and bring out a Price update in the material head record with C_TFIN22_67 exam.



Profitability Analysis> 12%

Determine value areas, features and outline attributes, define planning, real and operation flow and safety conditions, design approach courses and formulate commission vision for reporting of FI / CO data.

Configure profitability research and choose the working concern and position to controlling area. Express cash and set the graph of accounts, result in accounting and earnings distinction (in cooperation with FI and SD), and also configure period-end closing for PA.



Cost Object Controlling> 12%

Select and configure price object regulating – scheduling and actuals. And customize and complete price object handling in a make-to-stock system and in a make-to-order system. Determine WIP, effects research, variances and also income recognition (in cooperation with FI and SD) and configure period-end closing for price objects with C_TFIN22_67 certification .



Profit Center Accounting8% – 12%

Design executive graphs for-profit centers. Choose Profit Centers (in FI in the new GL). Form Profit Centers and check head data projects, and also configure period-end close for PCA.



Basics of SAP ERP and SAP Solution Manager< 8%

Explain the SAP ERP Resolution and also represent the integration between SAP ERP and Solution advisor.


Reporting< 8%

Select general reporting needs for price centers, configure cost center reporting and also complete information painter information and drill-down information.



Organizational Assignments and Process Integration< 8%

Describe scopes and procedures in Management Accounting, cross-company code configuration, sub-contracting, presentation performance, deals pricing, inbound shipment, inventory transfers, inventory valuation and also transfer pricing. Work in operation rules and high-level needs for community units. Handle budgeting and availability management settings and also period-end closing. Determine statistical key figures and assign the controlling area to business codes and operating concern. Inspect number ranges and also first integration flows with other modules (CO), and configure versions with C_TFIN22_67 exam.



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